Darrick Angelone / AONE Entertainment
Darrick Angelone first got started in the Entertainment industry as the manager of Bronx rapper Kool Keith in 2002. Darrick represented international interests in Europe and Asia, with which he kept a steady stream of musicians touring around the globe. He was the first to bring Naughty by Nature, Kool Keith, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Ice T and many others to Australia and Asia.

In the last decade Darrick has taken on the role of producer. First with music (KHM), then film (Mad Game & King of Hollywood) and now with the production and publication of digital data content. Based in Hollywood California, Darrick has taken AONE Entertainment in an entirely new direction.

In 2016, Darrick Angelone, at the head of AOne Entertainment, was awarded the exclusive contract to handle all the digital related functions for the independent Northern California film studio, Hidden Empire Film Group. Their first project, which was a huge success, was the Mike Epps starrring film; Meet the Blacks.